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Since 1870

Continuing a long tradition of fine craftsmanship.

"A Penny...for Luck"


High quality products and service is our top priority. Our master sailmakers take pride in every stitch…and it shows.


With over 30 years experience behind us, you can count on years of performance.

Small Town Coastal Maine

When you live and work here, it’s hard to be anything but the best.

Penobscot Bay’s Sailmaker

With over 30 year’s experience along the shores of the greatest sailing grounds in the world, Bohndell Sails is Maine’s Penobscot Bay go-to sailmaker. All sail design, production, and repair is done right here at our Rockport, Maine, facility.

Whether you’re sailing through or a Penobscot Bay regular, count on Bohndell Sails to care for your sails as much as you care for your boat.

Sail Repair • Sail Design • Off-Season Storage

Bohndell Sails and Rigging has meant quality and value for Maine sailors for generations. Located in the heart of Penobscot Bay, our full service loft can meet all of your boating needs. Our sails are known as some of the most durable, high quality cruising sails available today. We design our sails in-house, using a modern computer-driven design program and CAD system, and fabrics produced in the United States.

Our sailmakers balance modern techniques with the values of old-fashioned craftmanship. We proudly install Scheafer boom furlers for mainsails, Furlex and Harken headsail furlers, lifelines, standing and running rigging. We are a Furlex regional service center. Bohndell offers one-stop shopping for your sail and furling needs.

Sail and canvas washing and repairs are performed with all the care that we would give our own sails.

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My sails are not made by Bohndell. Can I still bring them to you for service?

Yes. We service sails of all brands.

What does your winter wash, check, & repair program include?

Our winter wash, check, & repair program is $2.50/dry pound. This includes the hand washing here on site as well as the time we take to inspect the items stitch-by-stitch and seam-by-seam. Any repairs are charged at $60/hour plus the price of materials. You’re welcome to leave your items no additional charge in our safe, clean, dry facility until you launch your boat in the spring. 

How often should the standing rigging on my boat be replaced?

The current industry standard is that standing rigging should be replaced every ten years. Some of our customers choose to replace standing rigging a few pieces at a time to keep the cost more reasonable. 

How can I find out what a new sail or suit of rigging will cost?

Please contact us via phone or email for a free, no obligation quote on whatever you have in mind. We’re here to help! 

How often should sails be cleaned?

That depends on their surrounding environment, but generally once a year. Dirt and soil can chafe the fibers of your sails. Carbon based airborne pollutants (ie. exhaust) can both breakdown the finish and retain moisture, which promotes the development of mildew. Having your sails cleaned at reasonable intervals allows them to be inspected for signs of wear.

What are those black streaks on the UV cover and on the sail?

The black streaks you see on your sail are caused by air pollution which is caught by raindrops and deposited on your sails and boat. Additional grime can mark your sails as they make contact with the standing rigging, which is also prone to holding dirt. If your boat is moored or docked in areas of heavy pollution (ie. near airports, factories, etc.), you will likely see more discoloration than would someone in a different environment.

What's causing the tiny black dots all over my sails?

Mildew. Sails provide a great place for mildew to grow and thrive. The best defense against mildew is keeping your sails clean and dry. This is especially true with laminate sails. Never stow your sails when they are wet. The sun’s UV rays kill mildew spores, so sailing often is another way to prevent and to remove mildew from sails.

My boat is a really small dingy. Do you make sails this size?

Absolutely. We make sails for boats of all shapes and sizes. We take pride in treating all of our customers with respect, regardless of the boat they own and no project is too small for us. 

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